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the superior snipe bot

It's @deer_daily_inn_bot. Subscribe to @deerdaily.

You'll love sniping (or at least the concept of it) by the end of this guide. Who wouldn't? It's all about getting stocks at low prices, and everyone loves a good deal. So, let's get the boring stuff out of the way before we can understand how the bot works.

What is sniping?

Sniping is a term coined by community players, referring to buying an expensive item at a ridiculously low price by intercepting a transfer in stock exchange. E.g: Buying thread at 1g each. Buying a bottle of rage at 5g. Sounds ridiculous, right? But bots make this possible.

To make things a bit clearer, this is not the same as watching the market and buying things at a comparatively lower price to sell later. E.g: Buying coke at 160g, and selling at 180g. When items are sold at such a low price, people are usually trying to transfer resources between accounts and intentionally lowering the market price to sell it that low.

No effort needed, you just need to set up the bot.

How to use Deer Daily Inn (DDI)

[lifted from @ddi_noticeboard]

1. Create a buy order by entering the command into the bot in this format /buy_{item code}_{quantity}_{max price}

2. An impossible /wtb will be executed to test if you have granted /wtb permissions to the inn. If not, you will receive a message requesting to grant additional permissions- which is necessary to enable this feature. (Note: the bot essentially tries to buy thread at 9999g to test buy permissions. Under no circumstances will it accidentally buy something for you.)

3. Track your buy orders by entering /orders into the bot.

4. If you want to cancel, use /cancel_{item code} to cancel all buy orders for that item.

What should I snipe?

  • Thread (01)
  • Sapphire (15)
  • Ruby (17)
  • Leather (20)
  • Coke (23)
  • Rope (31)

How does the queue work?

  • There is a queue in the bot for each item. This means that when there is an offer for a cheap item that you have set a buy order for, the first person in the queue will get it. This is to ensure fairness between the players.
  • Even if someone is in front of you in the queue, by virtue of having a larger price range, you could still be able to snipe stocks before them. If someone in front of you sets their max price for thread at 5g, but you set yours at 10g, if a 6g thread is listed it will go to you instead.
  • Your queues do not reset until your whole buy order is complete. If you set a buy order for 50 threads, you will not be sent to the back of the queue when only 1 thread is bought.
  • Your orders will not go through every single time. If you are busy, don't have enough gold, or whatever reason the bot has to be unable to buy the stocks, it will still count as a successful buy order even though you were unable to get it. This is because of API limitations aka blame devs lol. As a general rule of thumb, if you would not be able to buy the stock manually at that point in time, neither will the bot.


To use /coffee, you need to deposit at least a pouch of gold into the bot. This is why we strongly advise fawns to not do so until they have gotten all their equipment for promotion! It is also not possible to withdraw a fraction of a pouch, so at the moment, you will have to use all 100g in the bot. This is the only feature in the bot that requires gold to work, and it is OPTIONAL. /coffee only enhances the experience.

What coffee does is that it acts like a gacha, and gives you an extra /buy order slot if you win. To now, there is no known limit as to how many buy order slots you can hold at once, but it gets increasingly difficult to get a successful coffee. ("You feel a little more energetic to prowl the markets harder now!")

Refer to @ddi_noticeboard if you have any other questions. If they're not answered there, direct them at @nochul in the academy, or PM @deerdaily1. Direct all complaints to @knightniwrem, not the academy teachers. Please.

Happy sniping.