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DTP — The Beginning

Greetings! Thank you that you decided to get acquainted with this project!

I wanna tell you about the idea of it and how many interesting things wait you here.

DTP is a platform and toolkit for authors and their publications in Telegraph.

You can place your works on our platform and manage them in an easy way. If you are a team of authors, you can work on your publications together without any problems.

The main page

Our main page looks like a small newspaper with publications which are interesting for you. You can select languages and themes which you wanna see on this page.

Also there is a column with the latest published works. Your posts and posts of others will be available there immediately after publication.

Page of the publication

The look of the pages almost wholly corresponds to the style of Telegraph pages. No extra elements are in an interface, only what is necessary.

In addition we have an opportunity to go to the top of the page and leave a feedback whether you like the publication or not.

If the user is not authorized on the site, the feedback will be left with the help of a bot.

The connections between publications

If you have links to other Telegraph-posts in your publications, you can click them and add them to DTP quickly. After that they will be made accessible directly on DTP. 

Example of a page when clicking the link inside the post.

If the publication belongs to one of your Telegraph-accounts, it will be published on behalf of that account. The same will be possible when you post a publication with the help of a bot.

The creative studio!

Our creative studio provides a convenient toolkit for managing content in Telegraph.

  • Creation and management of Telegraph-accounts.
  • Providing access to accounts for other users.
  • Convenient viewing of the list of works published on DTP and Telegraph.
The list of published posts on behalf of Telegram-account.
The list of posts belonging to Telegraph-account.

You can manage Telegraph-accounts in a small pop-up.

To create a Telegraph-account you need to fill in three lines.

  • Short name. Short name of the account. It is displayed in the list of accounts and on Telegraph after authorization.
  • Author name. The name of the author which will be seen in new posts.
  • Author URL. Link to the author. You can also create author’s page the link to which will be inserted automatically. Other users can find your publications on this author’s page.
Creation of the author’s page.
The example of the author’s page.

What if Telegraph-account with a lot of content does already exist?

You can move to us an existing Telegraph-account. This procedure requires its token. The description of the account transfer mechanism is available when creating a new Telegraph-account.

Shared access to Telegraph-account.

To date, you can add up to 20 participants to your account. Each of them will be able to create new publications on behalf of your Telegraph-account. The management of Telegraph-account is not available for new members.

Be careful! Right now every participant of Telegraph-account has the technical possibility to gain full access. Do not add users you do not trust. We will release an update that will solve the problem in the near future.

What about the future?

We are planning to develop our toolkit, increase convenience and safety and at the same time remain a simple service.

If you have any ideas, please contact us! You can also read about superpowers of our project here.

Thank you and see you soon!